20 Perfect Products For Everyone Who Absolutely Loves Coffee

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Coffee is one of those things that everyone either loves or hates. And if you love it, you really love it.

You probably can’t imagine making it through a day without the jolt of energy you get from your favorite brew.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just a caffeine addict, we can all agree that life just wouldn’t be the same without a good cup of joe.

Like people, coffee comes in all shapes and sizes — from sweet lattes to rich dark roasts to smooth cold brews, there’s truly something for everyone.

If you absolutely love coffee, chances are you also like getting new coffee products.

Obviously, you have plenty of mugs in your cabinet, but do you have the perfect French press? Or a necklace that proves coffee is your one true love? How about a vintage coffee grinder?

Check out these 20 unique products that are perfect for anyone who loves coffee (and yeah, you should probably just grab your wallet now).

1. Coffee Mug With Cookie Slot, $14.50

cookie coffee mug

There’s nothing better than eating a nice biscotti, biscuit, or cookie while you drink your steaming cup of coffee. This mug comes complete with a cookie slot, making it the perfect vessel for coffee and biscuits.

Buy it on Amazon for $14.50.

2. Crocheted Coffee Cozy, $7

coffee cozy

Do you always burn your hands on that flimsy cardboard coffee cozy when you take your coffee to go? Get yourself an adorable crocheted coffee cozy to keep your hands cool and your coffee hot.

Buy it on Etsy for $7.

3. Minimalist Coffee Cup Kitchen Towel, $2.10

kitchen towel

Show off your love of coffee with this simple coffee cup kitchen towel. It’ll be the perfect addition to your coffee-filled kitchen!

Buy it at Target for $2.10.

4. Essential Coffee Tools Kit, $9.99

coffee tool kit

Every coffee lover needs a few simple tools, and this kit has some of the necessities, including a timer, a milk frother, and a coffee grounds scooper.

Buy it at Cost Plus World Market for $9.99.

5. Coffee Bean Candle, $16

5. Coffee Bean Candle, $16

The smell of coffee in the morning is absolutely intoxicating. If you can’t get enough of that enticing aroma, buy yourself a coffee bean candle!

Buy it on Etsy for $16.

6. Mason Jar Coffee Grinder, $40

coffee grinder

There’s no better way to make your coffee taste fresh than to grind it right before brewing a pot. With this simple hand grinder, you’ll have fresh coffee in no time.

Buy it at Target for $40.

7. 'The Little Book of Coffee Tips' Coffee Table Book, $7.99

coffee book

You aren’t truly a coffee lover until you have a book about coffee. Keep this book on your coffee table to inform your guests how much you love this decadent drink.

Buy it at Walmart for $7.99.

8. 'But First… Coffee' Spoon, $16

coffee spoon

If you can’t do anything before having your first cup of coffee in the morning, you definitely need this spoon.

Buy it on Etsy for $16.

9. Elegant French Press Coffee Maker, $25

french press

Many people claim that using a French press makes coffee even more delicious. Test out this theory for yourself with this beautiful gold French press.

Buy it at Cost Plus World Market for $25.

10. Simple Metal Mug Tree, $10.49

mug tree

Let’s be real: Most people have way too many mugs to keep them all on one shelf in the cabinet. If this sounds like you, it might be time to get a mug tree. The best thing about a mug tree is that you can display all your favorite mugs on your counter while keeping the more boring mugs tucked away in the cabinet.

Buy it at Target for $10.49.

11. Coffee-Scented Car Freshener, $6.97

car freshener

Want that lovely coffee scent to truly follow you everywhere you go? Get this scented car freshener to make your car feel like a mobile coffee shop.

Buy it on Amazon for $6.97.

12. Essential Guide to Coffee Poster, $27.73

coffee poster

Show off your coffee knowledge with this modern poster. The guide shows the ratios of coffee to foam to milk in everyone’s favorite coffee drink varieties.

Buy it on Etsy for $27.73.

13. Collapsible Travel Mug, $9.99

13. Collapsible Travel Mug, $9.99

Disposable coffee cups are great for convenience but horrible for the environment. Instead of using disposable to-go mugs, buy a collapsible travel mug that folds up and easily fits in your purse.

Buy it on Amazon for $9.99.

14. Caffeine Molecule Necklace, $25.60

14. Caffeine Molecule Necklace, $25.60

If caffeine is your true love, show it off with this simple and stunning caffeine molecule necklace. The added benefit of this piece of jewelry is that it’s a guaranteed conversation starter.

Buy it on Esty for $25.60.

15. Iced Coffee Maker, $29.99

iced coffee

If you absolutely love iced coffee but hate the way it tastes when it’s watered down by ice, this travel mug is the perfect solution. The stainless steel mug will turn your hot coffee into a perfectly chilled drink in less than 10 minutes.

Buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99.

16. Copper Pour-Over Coffee Stand, $39.99

pour over stand

Pour-over coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years, since it gives people the ability to control strength and flavor more than other brewing methods. If you want to try it out for yourself, start with this beautiful copper pour-over stand.

Buy it at Cost Plus World Market for $39.99.

17. Coffee Bean Soap, $7.20

coffee soap

Energize your skin with this lovely coffee soap. The whole coffee beans make the soap into an exfoliating massage bar, while the caffeine reduces swelling and puffiness.

Buy it on Etsy at $7.20.

18. Set of 3 Copper Coffee Canisters, $24.95

coffee canisters

Class up your kitchen by swapping your old coffee bags for these elegant copper coffee canisters. You can use them to store various types of beans or to hold your favorite teas and cocoas.

Buy them at Walmart for $24.95.

19. Self-Stirring Mug, $19.99

self-stirring mug

If you add milk, sugar, or creamer to your coffee, you probably get sick of having to wash spoons that you used solely to stir your coffee. Get one of these incredible self-stirring mugs to save yourself the hassle of stirring!

Buy it on Amazon for $19.99.

20. Coffee Cup Ring

coffee cup ring

This artistic coffee cup ring is the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection. Slide it on your finger before enjoying your coffee in the morning, and everyone will know how much you love that hot cup of joe.

Buy it on Etsy for $6.95.

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