Angry Mom Is Sick Of People Trespassing, So She Lets Them Know What ‘Private Property’ Means

paul Paul Morris

People trespassing on your own private property will always be one of the most annoying things to possibly experience.

Usually you hope that the person trespassing isn’t aware that they’re breaking the law, but oftentimes they will happily walk onto your land simply because they think special rules apply to them.

There are countless reasons that someone will walk on your land: they might be going on a walk, searching for hidden treasure, or even hunting for deer. No matter what the reason is, it can be pretty scary to find evidence that someone has been on your property!

YouTube personality and comedian Woah Susannah was sick and tired of people walking on her land, thinking they had the right to do so. To make matters even scarier, it seems that on more than one occasion, they’ve walked on her land armed while hunting for deer.

Not only is hunting on someone else’s land without permission highly illegal, but it could lead to someone being accidentally shot! Any hunter who is willing to trespass isn’t someone who should be hunting to begin with, and probably can’t be trusted to properly handle a weapon.

This hilarious mom posted an official “Private Property” sign, and we can only hope it will act as a deterrent to any of the horrible people who think they’re special and have the right to ignore our nation’s laws!

Video Credit: Whoa Susannah. Make sure to check out her hilarious Facebook page!

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