Man Spends 5 Hours Walking 17 Miles To Work Every Day, Then Stranger Surprises Him With A Car

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Mike Aldridge, 36, is a manager at a Burger King in Florida. Like many in the workforce, Mike has to commute to work. But for a while he didn’t drive or even take the bus: he walked.

Unfortunately, Mike doesn’t live close to his work. He used to wake up at 4 a.m. and take a grueling 17-mile walk to get to work.

“I expected to be a little bit closer,” Mike says. Making good money and loving his job, Mike stuck it out and for his first month on the job, did his walk every day.

That is until a stranger named Wes Locke, a principal at a nearby school, stopped and asked Mike if he wanted a ride to work.

The two got to know each other, and when Wes found out how far Mike had been walking, he knew he had to do something to help his new friend.

“I put it out there on GoFundMe and in less than 24 hours we had $3,300,” Wes says. But it gets even better!

A local car dealership heard about Mike and donated a used car. The money will now go toward insurance and a gas card!

“It’s a blessing in disguise that you still have good people that look out and help you along the way for doing the best that you can and trying to do what’s right,” Mike tells WTTG. “I’m happy! I’m very happy!”

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Thumbnail photo: Flickr / Mike Mozart

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