Princess Diana Was Miserable On Her Wedding Day, And 4 Other Unearthed Secrets About Lady Di

by Angela Andaloro

For such a public figure, it’s amazing how much we don’t know about Princess Diana. It’s been 21 years since her tragic death, but even in life, there was a lot of mystery surrounding Diana. She was a polarizing figure in the royal family, both an insider and an outsider. Today, we’re learning more about who Diana was behind the scenes.

For example, in an interview following Charles and Diana’s engagement announcement, a reporter asked if they were in love. Diana’s “of course” was followed with “whatever ‘in love’ means.” This was a summation of their relationship, as Diana revealed in her personal recordings — her story in her own words. The tapes have been delved into only in recent years.

Diana also revealed how the wedding of the century was her own personal hell. She was filled with dread during the wedding planning process and had doubts down to the last minute. If you look closely at the video of the big day, Diana doesn’t have the glow and ease we’ve recently seen in both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Her sister joked that “her face was already on the tea towel,” so she needed to go through with it. No one could have foreseen how ugly both the marriage and the divorce would get.

While it is hard for those who adored her to hear her inner thoughts and what she went through, there’s a lot to learn from Diana’s personal recordings and her story altogether. Listen to it in her own words in the video below…

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