Princess Diana’s Assistant Reveals That The Princess Cried Herself To Sleep When Harry Was Born

by Angela Andaloro

There are still so many stories about Princess Diana that have yet to be told. In Smithsonian Channel’s documentary, Princess Diana’s “Wicked” Stepmother, former personal assistant and butler Paul Burrell is telling a few.

While much of the film focuses on Diana’s tumultuous relationship with stepmother Raine Legge, the documentary also reveals details from Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. As we now know, Diana felt a tremendous amount of pressure throughout the marriage, not all that different from what Meghan Markle experiences today.

Paul recalls what it was like during that time. “I could see the cracks in the marriage between Charles and Diana getting wider and wider,” he said.

He also revealed that one of her greatest struggles came the night that Prince Harry was born.

“Diana confided in me that on the night that Harry was born, she cried herself to sleep. She said ‘I knew my marriage was over.’ And the prince told the princess that his duty was now done. He had provided the country with an heir and a spare, and he could now resume his relationship with Mrs. Parker Bowles.”

The events that followed would only add to the stress on the royal marriage. Explicit phone calls between Charles and Camilla, as well as Diana and a new love interest, were leaked to the press. Then, at the end of the year, Diana’s father passed away.

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