Princess Diana’s Astrologer Gives The Celestial Scoop On What To Expect From Baby Sussex

by Angela Andaloro

Princess Diana was not like other royals. She marched to the beat of her own drum. While she respected tradition, she also shattered ideas she felt were antiquated.

She was approachable and direct. She didn’t worry about the royal implications of her every step. If these behaviors sound familiar to you, it’s because you’ve seen them recently. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, are known for embodying these ideals in their day-to-day lives.

Harry and Meghan are getting ready to welcome their first child. They have spoken about wanting to raise their family in a more relaxed and typical way than the way Harry himself was brought up.

They’re striving for normalcy for their little family in a way that would have likely made Princess Diana a proud grandmother. Someone close to Diana, astrologer Penny Thornton, is speaking out about what the stars have to say about Baby Sussex, who is expected to arrive within the month.

Princess Diana was a game changer when it came to defining royalty. She was a woman who did what felt right in her heart, no matter what protocol had to say about it.

She also strived for normalcy for herself and her children. Now Prince Harry is hoping for the same for his own family.

Harry and Meghan are expecting Baby Sussex to arrive in the coming weeks. It’s an exciting time for the couple, who will also celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month.

Princess Diana’s astrologer, Penny Thornton, chatted with People about what we might learn about Baby Sussex from his or her birthday. Penny also runs

A lot of Penny’s astrological insights align with how Harry and Meghan have already spoken about raising a child.

“This baby will be quirky and unconventional and will be his or her own person,” she explained.

What astrological sign Baby Sussex has will depend on exactly when he or she is born. While speculation says that the baby will arrive at the end of the month, just a day can make a difference in terms of astrology.

If the baby arrives earlier than expected, before April 21, he or she will be an Aries.

“He or she will be very forthright, sporty, adventurous, independent and extrovert,” Penny explained. “When you are creating a family, your child will share your characteristics and your astrological handprint will be on there.”

Harry is a Virgo, born September 15. Meghan is a Leo, born August 4.

If Baby Sussex comes after April 21, he or she will be a Taurus.

“Taureans are very stable, steadfast and predictable, they like things that are real and lasting,” Penny explained.

A birthday between the 21st and 30th would include a sun-Uranus conjunction. That shakes things up for a Taurus, Penny revealed.

“This baby will be very bright and experimental — he or she will not be able to fit into any template,” she noted. “Taureans like to conform and this child is a non-conformist.”

That sun-Uranus conjunction exists in another member of the royal family. Prince Louis, born on April 23 last year, is also a Taurus.

Whether or not the cousins share a birthday, being in such a close range will draw them together. The closeness in age, coupled with the sun-Uranus conjunction, could make the two “kindred spirits,” according to Penny.

Princess Charlotte also has a close birthday. She will be 4 years old on May 2.

It seems like the next generation of royals is already full of strong personalities. These tiny charmers will be sure to shake up the future of the monarchy!