Kate Middleton Dresses Princess Charlotte In Same Little Red Shoes Worn By Prince Harry In 1986

by Kate Taylor
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Like many little girls, I used to dream about being a princess when I grew up.

As the oldest, I never had to worry about hand-me-downs, but you would think that one of the perks of being a royal would include the latest and greatest clothes.

Now that I’m older and wiser (and don’t have career aspirations of becoming a princess), I came to realize that royals might actually want hand-me-downs.

After all, their clothing choices are and always have been timeless classics. Not to mention, their quality undoubtedly also endures the test of time.

In fact, on the British royal family’s most recent trip to Poland, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that a pair of Mary Janes worn by Princess Charlotte looked awfully familiar.

According to Hello! Magazineher shoes have actually been seen before (over 20 years earlier, in fact), on a different member of the royal family. Hint: it wasn’t a princess!

Thumbnail Credit: Getty / Tim Graham / Contributor

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on July 17, 2017. 

Per usual, the family was dressed to the nines. I must say that little Princess Charlotte may have even outshone her famous mom in this regard. She’s looking exceptionally adorable!

A closer look reveals that Princess Charlotte’s adorable little red shoes were actually hand-me-downs.

Another royal child rocked the red slippers back in the ’80s, but it wasn’t a princess. It was her uncle, Prince Harry!

According to Hello!, the cute red shoes were favorites of the little princess’ uncle back in 1986.

Even though we think of Mary Jane-style shoes like these as being exclusively for little girls, Prince Harry looks about as masculine as a little boy can be in his little shoes!

In fact, Harry loved these particular shoes as a little boy, and appeared in them for a range of different official portraits with his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and his brother, Prince William.

Of course, it’s worth revisiting just how put-together both little royals look getting off the plane.

They appear to be far more sophisticated than I do after air travel as an adult.

More photos from a different day in the life of the royal family show that Princess Charlotte sports these cute red hand-me-downs on a regular basis.

And shoes aren’t the only attire that the little princess inherited from the men in her family.

Here, she’s showing off a blue cardigan that her big brother George used to wear before outgrowing it.

The famously practical Duchess of Cambridge (known popularly as Princess Kate) knows that it makes sense to dress her two little ones in hand-me-downs, especially if the clothing has plenty of wear left in them.

Here’s Prince George, wearing the same navy cardigan as Princess Charlotte when he was her age.

As with any parents, even royals know the value of a good statement piece — especially for growing children.

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