Kate Middleton Quietly Reveals Princess Charlotte’s Sweet Nickname While Talking To Another Mom

by Angela Andaloro

The royals are no strangers to a good nickname. Although Harry has been Harry for as long as we can remember, his real name is Henry.

Prince William has said that the late Princess Diana used to refer to him as “Wombat.” It seems like every royal has a cute nickname!

Now that’s not to say that we think people are strolling around the palace calling Queen Elizabeth Lizzie. It does seem like the royal family is comfortable with nicknames, though, especially for their little ones.

On a recent visit to Northern Ireland, Kate Middleton, who is often referred to by her own nickname publicly (although her full name is Catherine), greeted some children in the crowd.

Among them was a Belfast blogger named Laura-Ann, who brought her 2-year-old son, George. When Kate approached them and asked the little boy what his name was, Kate responded sweetly. She said, “Hi George, what a cool name you’ve got, and you look very smart in your bow tie. It’s very nice to meet you.” As the two moms got to talking, Kate let it slip what her nickname for Princess Charlotte is.

People love to keep up with the lives of the next generation of royals. It seems that everywhere you go, there’s a story about William, Kate, Harry, or Meghan.

The only people who are possibly more interesting than the young royals are the even younger ones. People can’t get enough of William and Kate’s kids and are eagerly anticipating Harry and Meghan’s first little one.

We’ve seen a lot of Prince George and Princess Charlotte over the years. And now that he’s close to turning 1, we’re also hoping to see more of Prince Louis!

From the day she was born, Princess Charlotte has had the public’s hearts. The first female great-grandchild of the Queen was born on May 2, 2015.

Charlotte’s full name is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. Many wondered how much she would take after her grandmother, the late Princess Diana.

If there’s one thing that Charlotte may have gotten from Diana, it’s her charisma. She’s not yet 4 years old, but there’s something very magnetic about the little girl’s personality.

We started seeing more of Princess Charlotte as she became a toddler. She began nursery school in January 2018, a few months after her mom announced that there would be another royal baby.

Charlotte made history when Prince Louis was born. She was the first female to keep her place in line to the throne after the birth of a subsequent male heir.

What we don’t know much about is what Charlotte’s like at home. We’ve gotten a bit more of an idea thanks to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. For example, during a school visit, Kate mentioned that Charlotte’s favorite food is olives.

Kate also took Charlotte to the Royal Opera House to see a dress rehearsal for The Nutcracker. During the visit, she mentioned that Charlotte was “keen” on ballet.

Kate recently let out some more information about Princess Charlotte during a visit in Northern Ireland. Kate went out to greet fans and came across a woman with her son.

The woman turned out to be a blogger. Laura-Ann took her son, George, to Windsor Park Stadium for a chance to meet the duchess.

During their chat, Kate complimented Laura-Ann’s son on his “cool name.” When Kate asked Laura-Ann how old her other son was, the blogger replied that the boy was 4.

The duchess sweetly replied that he was the same age as “Lottie”! This is the second nickname we’ve learned of for Charlotte, who is also called “poppet” by her loving parents.

How cute is that nickname?!