People Can’t Stop Debating Who Princess Charlotte Looks Like—Queen Elizabeth Or Princess Diana

by Angela Andaloro

Princess Charlotte has captivated the hearts of fans of the royal family since the day she was born.

The 4-year-old is a beautiful little girl who definitely has a feisty streak. She’s full of personality, from her sweet royal wave to her cheeky faces made at camerapeople. You can tell she’s on the road to becoming a strong woman who defines her own rules. It makes sense considering she’s been preceded by a number of women who have done the same.

Charlotte has a pretty unique (and utterly adorable) look, which has led many to wonder whom the princess has inherited her features from.

Two names continuously come up in the conversation — beloved “Gan Gan” Queen Elizabeth and her late grandmother, Princess Diana. We’d like to think the little princess, whose full name is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, has a bit of both ladies’ incredible qualities. These pictures provide a closer look at how Charlotte resembles the two incredible women who happen to be her namesakes.

Princess Charlotte is growing up to be quite the little lady. The 4-year-old has stolen the hearts of the public with her mix of royal pleasantries and feisty tomboy spirit. It’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her.

As Charlotte gets older, there are so many comparisons to the women who have come before her. Many people believe she looks like William, which then draws comparisons to both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.

In Charlotte’s back-to-school photos from early September, there were many comments regarding how Charlotte looks like Diana. You can definitely see some similarities in the side-by-side photo comparison.

princess charlotte queen elizabeth

The same photo has also been used as an example of how Charlotte looks like a young Queen Elizabeth. This photo shows then Princess Elizabeth at 4 years old, the same age as Charlotte today.

In another photo, fans are left wondering whether Princess Charlotte got her signature smirk from the Spencer side of the gene pool. There’s no denying the similarities between those mischievous looks.

Then there’s this serious, pensive face. With the full cheeks on both of them and oh so much going on in those minds, they sure do look a lot alike. But if you think you have your mind made up, wait until you see what’s next.

It’s hard to deny that the Queen had some of that mischief in her own eyes at a young age. The shapes of her face and of Charlotte’s seem very similar in these photos. The young royals both look relaxed but ready to spring into action.

Princesses at play! The photos of them in action show a lot of similarities. Those big, playful smiles are unbelievable. They might be dolled up a bit, but it didn’t seem to stop either of them from having fun.

Of course, the more that Charlotte resembles William, the more people see Diana. He shares many more physical similarities to the Spencer side than Harry does as an adult, many royal fans believe.

Princess Charlotte does bear a very close resemblance to Diana in this picture of Lady Di as a child from her passport. Their eyes seem to be the very same shape, and both share a similar tight-lipped smile.

They’ve even compared how Charlotte and Diana looked as tiny bridesmaids! Both little girls are simply beautiful, but it does seem like something about Charlotte is very reminiscent of Diana in both look and spirit.

If you take a good look at Elizabeth and Diana, you’ll even find some similarities between the two. While the Queen’s face has a rounder shape than Diana’s, you can see some similarities around the nose and mouth.

Royal fans will definitely continue this debate as Charlotte gets older and comes into her looks more. Her face will change a million times over the years, sometimes standing out like a Spencer and other times looking all royal.

What’s certain is that Charlotte is lucky enough to have been preceded by two incredibly powerful and impactful women. May they, as well as the other wonderful women in her life, serve as role models as she grows.