Princess Beatrice Is Focused On Family As She Settles In To Being A Stepmom And Tries For A Baby

by Angela Andaloro

Princess Beatrice has been a married woman for just a week, but everyone’s excited about her future.

The 31-year-old eldest daughter of the Duke of York wed Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on July 17. The royal family seems very happy for Beatrice. She had a number of scheduling issues and controversies surrounding this wedding.

Now that Beatrice and Edo are husband and wife, people are excited to see Bea blossom as a stepmom. Edo shares 4-year-old son Wolfie with his ex, designer Dara Huang. Sources close to Beatrice and Edo have said that she is very involved as a stepmom to the boy.

People are eager to see the new family dynamic, but nothing is being shared just yet. The couple has not done any public outings with Wolfie, nor have they released any photos featuring him.

Motherhood is on Beatrice’s mind in a big way. In addition to continuing to enjoy her relationship with Wolfie, she’s also eager to give the little boy a sibling. Reports indicate that Beatrice and Edo will try for a baby right away.

Princess Beatrice seems to be very focused on family now that she’s finally married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The couple had a lot of bumps in the road on the way to their big day. Between drama in the royal family and health crisis closures, it seemed like Beatrice and Edo would wait until 2021 to make things official. She surprised many by marrying Edo on July 17 in a quiet wedding.

Some people speculated that a pregnancy might be behind the decision to have a seemingly sudden wedding. Even sources behind the scenes acknowledged it was put together in roughly three weeks’ time.

We haven’t gotten any answer to that just yet, and nothing was apparent in the wedding photos, where Beatrice looked stunning in Queen Elizabeth’s vintage Norman Hartnell gown and the Queen Mary tiara.

Whether or not Bea is already expecting, having a baby with her new husband is a priority, according to sources close to the couple.

“Bea can’t wait to have kids of her own,” a source told Us Weekly.

“She’s planning to start a family with Edo very soon and is hoping it’ll happen this year.”

Certainly, the good news would be welcome in the royal family. Things have been tumultuous, especially where the Yorks are concerned. While Andrew should continue to stay away from the spotlight, Beatrice and Eugenie shouldn’t have to suffer for their father’s alleged actions.

Royal fans have been keeping an eye out for a Eugenie pregnancy as well. It would be adorable if the sisters welcomed little ones at the same time. Some people believe that Eugenie may be keeping a pregnancy under wraps since no pictures of her at the wedding have been shared either. She served as maid of honor.

Beatrice is getting her bearings on parenting with stepson Wolfie. The 4-year-old splits time between Edo and his ex, designer Dara Huang. Sources say that Beatrice is very invested in having a good relationship with Wolfie and being a great stepmom.

“Beatrice is a wonderful and very hands-on stepmom,” a source told People magazine. Edo’s also been said to be a very hands-on dad, so it sounds like the couple enjoys their time with Wolfie.

“[She has] embraced [Wolfie] as part of her life from the outset. He is very much part of their life.”

“Edo is easily one of the best dads, he is so involved, and Beatrice is already showing that she’s a fantastic step-mummy,” the source noted.

“They’ve been on family vacations together [with his son]. They are really happy.”

So far, it seems Dara and Beatrice have had positive co-parenting interactions. Dara put out a statement after Beatrice and Edo’s engagement was announced.

“I wish the best for Edo and Beatrice and look forward to uniting our families,” she said.

As for why Wolfie hasn’t been seen with Beatrice and Edo, it seems everyone is very committed to protecting his privacy. On Edo’s Instagram, there’s just one photo of Wolfie as a baby, with his face covered. On Dara’s Instagram, there are a handful of photos of her and Wolfie, but none show his face. Sharing that dedication to protecting him is a great step in the beginning of what will hopefully continue to be a great relationship between them all.