Prince William And Kate Middleton Just Announced Who Prince Louis’ Godparents Are

by Giovanna Boldrini
Giovanna was born in Rome, Italy and currently resides in South Salem, New York. In her free time, she likes to cook with her children and grandchildren.

It’s a big job, but somebody’s got to do it — the godparents of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s youngest son, Prince Louis, have finally been announced!

The 2-month-old royal was christened Monday, July 9, and to mark the occasion the six godparents were recognized publicly by Kensington Palace for the first time. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that being chosen as a godparent for the royal family is a major decision with all sorts of considerations. According to one insider, William and Kate “are rewarding the loyalty of their really close friends and keeping the godparents from the tight, inner circle.”

We’ve got the full list of newly appointed godparents right here, as well as as some adorable shots from Louis’ christening. Spoiler alert: The little guy clearly didn’t realize the importance of the big day, so he spent most of it snoozing! Check out the photos from the big day below.

Let's start with the godmothers.

Let's start with the godmothers.

This is Lady Laura Meade. Her husband, James, is godfather to Princess Charlotte. The couple is often spotted out with Kate and William.

Hannah Carter is a close friend of Kate’s from college. Her husband Robert is the brother of Sophie Carter, who’s known to be one of Kate’s most trusted friends.

Lucy Middleton (right) is Kate’s cousin. She works as a lawyer.

And now for the godfathers...

And now for the godfathers...

Nicholas van Cutsem has been friends with the royal family since his childhood. His brother William is a godparent to Prince George.

His wife Alice is the sister of Harry Hadden-Paton, one of the stars of Downton Abbey.

Harry Aubrey-Fletcher is one of William’s oldest friends from his school days and was an usher at their wedding.

Guy Pelly is an old friend of William’s who made headlines when he was put in charge of the prince’s bachelor party.

Here's a clip of the royal family arriving at the christening.

There are a lot of things to smile about in this clip, but the absolute most charming part is that Louis is clearly sound asleep.

The entire world has been charmed by the sleepy royal.

The outfit Louis was sporting has some major tradition behind it — almost 200 years of history!

Not all the focus is on Louis, however. Mom's fashion choices aren't going unnoticed.

Kate’s fashion choices are always cause for debate, and her outfit for this christening — while obviously gorgeous — is still a conversation starter.

The newly married Prince Harry went big for his nephew’s special day!

Even the clergy were getting in on the Twitter action ahead of the event.

But really, the star of the day was Prince Louis. Tiny, tired Louis.

When people remember this day, all they’re going to be talking about is the little snoozer!

Even if they weren’t royalty, these five would still be one of the most adorable families ever!