Prince Harry May Have Another Corporate Speaking Engagement, This Time With Goldman Sachs

by Angela Andaloro

If the royal family wasn’t thrilled with Prince Harry’s first corporate speaking arrangement, they may not want to hear about this.

Sources are indicating the Duke of Sussex is in talks for another corporate speaking arrangement. This time, it’s Goldman Sachs that has his eye. Unlike his Miami JP Morgan speech that reportedly netted the prince a cool million, this one isn’t for pay.

Harry is reportedly talking to Goldman Sachs in hopes to follow in the footsteps of other celebrities, like David Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. The Daily Mail reports that Harry’s team spoke to the financial institution in November about speaking at one of the GS Talks events.

These celebrity speeches aren’t paid, however. Rather, the goal is to “pave the way for the Sussexes to forge a lucrative future relationship” with the institution.

“They’re going to earn fortunes, whether through speeches or ambassador work,” explained PR agent Mark Borkowski. “These are £1 billion handshakes.”

While a relationship with Goldman Sachs might be lucrative to the Sussexes in the long run, it won’t come without backlash. The financial institution is believed to have had a role in the 2008 financial crash. Many believe the institution then profited off affected clients in the aftermath. Partnering with such a controversial company may backfire on a couple building their brand on leaving another controversial establishment.

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