George And Charlotte Are Banned From Playing On Tablets Thanks To Old-Fashioned Family Rules

by Kate Taylor
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The British royal family is known for following traditions that might seem a touch old-fashioned to the rest of us.

In fact, there are some very specific rules that a royal family member must follow. For instance, royals are strictly banned from signing autographsor eating after the Queen has finished her meal.

While those rules might make sense for security or etiquette reasons, there are plenty of other guidelines that sound a little more bizarre. For instance, royals must not order seafood, in an effort to avoid food poisoning.

However, formal rules aside, the royals are just a family at the end of the day.

Like any family, they have their own personal codes of conduct specific to their own relationships and parenting goals.

One of the family rules that might sound a little foreign to most modern parents? Prince George and Princess Charlotte are not allowed to play with tablets.

The thought of banning tablets might scare some parents, but the Mountbatten-Windsor’s aren’t fussed by such things. In fact, they have their own unique reasons for the moratorium.

Instagram / Kensington Royal

Princess Charlotte and Prince George are growing up famous, and there’s no way around that. The same will be true of their younger brother or sister, recently announced by the Duke and Duchess.

The royal children were kept out of the public eye for as long as possible. However, being royal means that you have to be visible to the people you rule, and above all, set a royal example for their nation and the rest of the world.

That’s a lot of pressure for someone who hasn’t even started school yet!

With that said, kids will be kids, and the young Prince and Princess are no exception.

They might be royalty, but they’re also just goofy tots who need a chance to act their age.

Princess Diana famously allowed her boys to indulge in some normal child behavior, and Kate and William are looking to do the same, according to US Weekly.

An insider tells US Weekly: “While they feel it’s important to make them aware of their backgrounds, it’s also vital for both George and Charlotte to have as much normalcy as possible.”

However, for the two young royals, that does not involve playing on tablets.

The US Weekly source explains that there is a strict ban on tablets and smart gadgets for the children in the royal household.

This doesn’t have to do with security risks, although that is certainly a concern in such a high-profile family.

Instead, the ban reflects the royal parents’ desire to let their kids have an unplugged childhood, far away from the media and attention that will follow them as adults.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are encouraged to play outside and amuse themselves with the same kinds of old-fashioned toys kids have been playing with for generations.

Blocks, cars, and dolls are popular toys for a reason: they stimulate imagination and critical thinking, without opening up the royal children to the fast-paced world available on digital gadgets.

Honestly, they’ll deal with enough of that when they’re grown-ups.

The tablet ban is probably a smart move by the royal couple.

CNN reports that there is significant evidence suggesting that excessive screen time is linked to delays in cognitive development.

Even adults can suffer from too much time on electronic devices, ending up with screen exhaustion.


Prince George and Princess Charlotte will likely enjoy time outdoors and with more traditional toys until they are old enough to get handheld devices of their own.

Fortunately, there’s more than enough excitement available on the royal grounds, and we’re sure these two feisty youngsters will have no trouble keeping themselves entertained, especially once their new sibling arrives in the spring.

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