Prince George Clings To Dad At School After Kate’s Morning Sickness Forces Her To Stay Home

by Jess Butler
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It’s that time of year again!

As summer ends and fall creeps back into our lives, parents everywhere are preparing to send their little ones back to school.

For many parents, the first day of classes has become routine, as they’ve gone through the process several times before. However, the first day back is making a big impact on the British royal family.

Today is Prince George‘s first day of school, and not only is it a special moment for him, everyone around the world is also taking notice. The 4-year-old prince was escorted to his new school, Thomas’s Battersea, by his father, William.

He was greeted outside, already causing a stir before his first day of school had even started.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Prince George’s first day of school and why Duchess Kate wasn’t able to make it!

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / kensingtonroyal

A portrait of Prince George.

Today was Prince George’s first day of school, and the adorable 4-year-old was ready to begin a new chapter in his life.

Prince George and his family.

Naturally, it was a big moment for the royal family. William and Kate were finally sending their first child off to school! Unfortunately, Kate was unable to escort Prince George to his school, Thomas’s Battersea.

Duchess Kate couldn't atten prince George's first day of school.

According to CNN, the Duchess was suffering from “hyperemesis gravidarum, which involves nausea and vomiting more severe than the typical morning sickness many women suffer during early pregnancy.”

We hope Kate feels better soon!

Prince George and Prince William.

Although his mom couldn’t be there for the walk, Prince George stepped out with his dad for the sweetest father-son display.

Prince Geroge walks to his first day of school.

He clung to Prince William’s hand as they walked over together. When the 4-year-old prince arrived, he was greeted by the head of his school, Helen Haslam.

Prince George walking inside.

Together, she and Prince William walked little Prince George inside the building, helping him feel safe and confident for his first day of school.

Prince George on a plane.

There’s no doubt that William and Kate are extremely proud of their son. What a memorable moment for everyone!

Prince George and Prince William.

Good luck on your first day, Prince George!

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