Thrift Shop Owners Reunite A Priceless Family Item With Its Rightful Owners

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

As we get older, all we have left to show for our pasts are items that tell a story, like pictures and memories — and only one of those can be shown to others and the next generation. It’s up to relatives to keep all of these precious, sometimes priceless, artifacts saved so they can be passed on.

Some years ago, Laura had slipped a VHS tape into the sleeve for the tape of the movie Titanic, and she tucked it away in what she thought was a safe place.

Just a year after that, the tape was stolen from her garage, along with some other belongings.

The theft wouldn’t be significant if the content of the tape wasn’t: On it were pictures of her grandparents, Kenny and Annette, from the time they were children all the way up to the present. The couple had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary just some years prior.

Meanwhile, the tape ended up in a thrift shop called The Olde Lighthouse Shoppe, whose owners, Debbie Jones and Robbin Parsley, were stunned to see such a priceless family item in their store. They posted a video about the find on their Facebook page, and it wasn’t long before it reached Laura’s eyes… A long two years after the tape disappeared from her garage, presumably forever, she and her family will be reunited with it again!

Hopefully, this time around, Laura will make several copies of the tape.

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