Glue Down Dried Flowers And Pour Glittery Resin On Top For A Gorgeous DIY Phone Case

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Creating your own DIY phone case with real flowers is one of the most beautiful ways to protect your phone while embracing nature at the same time.

Think about it, after following the super easy instructions below, you’ll be able to carry your own mini-bouquet in your pocket at all times without having to worry about them wilting away! Plus, you can get as creative as you’d like while layering the petals in whatever design you’d like best.

You’ll also never have to worry about getting your phone confused with someone else’s laying nearby with your one-of-a-kind floral case always standing out from the rest of the crowd.


  • Fresh flowers
  • Wax paper
  • Heavy book
  • Blank phone case
  • Glue
  • Casting resin
  • Glitter


  1. Line your book with the wax paper and press the flowers between two pages.
  2. Pile a few extra books on top for more pressure and leave the flowers to dry for 2 to 4 weeks.
  3. Dab small dots of glue on the backs of your dried flowers and arrange on the blank phone case.
  4. Prepare the casting resin as instructed and add glitter if you’d like extra sparkle.
  5. Pour resin over the phone case and gently spread it along the edges.
  6. Allow to dry completely before using with your phone.

Take a look below for more tips on how to make this totally gorgeous DIY phone case and don’t forget to SHARE the craft idea with your flower-loving friends.

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