Preschooler Does Hilariously Bad Job Of Pretending To Be His Own Dad After Dialing 911

by Sarah Bregel
Sarah Bregel is an editor at covering entertainment, trending stories, adorable stuff, parenting, and more. She is also a freelance writer, mom of two, dog mom, feminist, and deep-breather.

Many young kids have picked up the phone to dial 911 at least once in their lives. Ya know, just to see what happens.

Parents should totally teach their kids how to call, but only when there’s really an emergency. But kids will be kids, and sometimes curiosity simply gets the best of them. That’s what happened to one preschooler named Isaiah, who dialed 911 in spite of the fact that there was no real emergency taking place. It seemed like he just wanted to have a little chat with the operator, which he did, and the result was completely hilarious.

First, the little boy asked the dispatcher if she could go check out his preschool.

Of course, she did her job and pressed the child to find an adult she could speak to instead. Even though it seemed from his tone like nothing was going on, she was assuming there still might actually be a situation that needed attention. When she asked Isaiah if his parents were home and if she could speak to someone, he responded that yes, they were home. “You can talk to my dad,” he said.

That’s when Isaiah broke out an epically bad impersonation of his own father. The best part is he doesn’t even bother to take a pause as if he’s handing the phone off a grown-up — he just goes right into it. It’s pretty clear that the dispatcher thought it was pretty amusing. But the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office did say that even though it was cute, it’s definitely an important reminder to teach your kids when to use the emergency number. Either way, it’s pretty darn funny.

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