‘Inseparable’ Preschool Best Friends Reunite After 12 Years Apart And Realize They’re Soul Mates

by Angela Andaloro

Every couple likes to believe that they have a one-of-a-kind love story. For these two lovebirds from Ocala, Florida, there’s no questioning it.

They just celebrated their wedding day 22 years after they first met.

Natalie Crowe and Austin Tatman met in preschool and immediately hit it off. Their preschool teacher, Beth Summers, recalls their special bond: “They were always hanging out together and that’s kind of unusual at this age for boys and girls to always be together, but those two were always pretty close.”

Sadly, the preschool best friends were separated when Natalie’s family moved up north to Connecticut three years later.

Since there weren’t as many ways to keep in touch as there are today, they lost touch with one another. When Natalie found an old address book with Austin’s last name in it, she decided to reach out on Facebook.

The two started messaging back and forth, sharing fond memories. When Natalie returned to visit her hometown, the two high schoolers reconnected. “As soon as we got some alone time, I was like, this is my soul mate,” Natalie recalls. They began to date long distance, and they even went to senior prom together.

Fast-forward a few years and Austin knew what he had to do. He got Natalie’s family together to help him pop the question. “I had all of her family come out and each of them had a sign that made up, ‘Will You Marry Me?'” Natalie happily accepted Austin’s proposal. The two even re-created a preschool photo of themselves on their wedding day.

Watch the video to see pictures of this adorable couple!

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