Prepper Reveals What He Always Keeps In His Backpack In Case Of An Emergency

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

I think everyone likes to be prepared for emergencies.

Of course, everyone has a different definition of what “prepared” means.

For example, everyone I know keeps a first-aid kit on hand, and a cabinet of “just in case” canned goods., but most of us aren’t as prepared as we could be!

After all, we aren’t ones to borrow trouble, but it never hurts to have a plan in the event that something really scary happens.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to carry a tiny survival kit at all times — you can even make one so itty-bitty, it fits inside of a pill canister — and to make sure you have a “go” bag of some kind in your car and by your front door.

That way, in case of an emergency, you’ll always have everything you need to survive within arms reach.

One pragmatic thinker puts together what he calls a ”get home bag,” and then took the whole thing apart online to show everyone exactly what should be in your emergency bag — just in case you need it.

Check it out below!

This sturdy green backpack is a “get home bag,” or a special pack of survival gear designed to get you where you need to go in an emergency.

Specifically, this man — who goes by the handle bincat — is working with the goal of getting home from wherever he is; this is the bag he keeps in his car.

Unlike a “bug out bag,” the purpose of this piece of equipment is not to get away and survive indefinitely, but just to get from one place to another in a disaster or other scary situation.


Separate from the main pack, he keeps an emergency med-kit packed full of stuff he might need in the event of an injury or other medical event.

This kit is packed full of stuff that you would need to care for a wound, including medical iodine, rubbing alcohol, gauze, and steri-strips to quickly seal cuts.

He’s also prepared for other emergency scenarios: His med-kit also includes burn cream and wipes for removing pepper spray from the skin, and he plans to add more equipment after completing an upcoming EMS course.

The outside of the bag is hung with a few useful objects, like a red light that flashes in the dark and a coil of rope.

The inside is even more packed with important and useful survival tools; this is just the contents of the front pocket.

Here, he keeps everything from a Leatherman multi-tool to a flash drive with all of his important documents and contact info.

Inside the main compartment of the backpack, he breaks things down even further.

This red pouch, for example, is a personal medical kit that fits into his pack — he also has a general emergency medical kit that he keeps separately from the pack.

In the personal kit, he keeps Immodium, OTC painkillers, and 30 days worth of his prescription medication, among other supplies.

The rest of the main compartment is full of other necessary supplies, including a change of dry clothes, and spare socks and undies.

He also has a watertight shemagh (a bulky camouflage scarf) for keeping out the damp and cold, a water filtration kit, and a water pack for staying hydrated.

Bulkier tools and supplies are also kept in here, including a wrench and a large bottle of cough and cold syrup.

Within the main compartment, he also keeps a bundle of supplies specially targeted at starting a fire.

There’s a fire-starting kit complete with kindling and extra-durable matches, and a manual for survival.

He also keeps another multi-tool in this pack, and a pack of cards for whiling away hours around the campfire.

You’ll also spot a waterproof clear plastic bag among all of the other supplies where he keeps small toiletries, like contact lenses, wet wipes, foot warmers, and toothpaste.

He also has his emergency cash supply — around $200 — tucked away here, and an additional pack full of high-calorie nutrient products, like Gu gel to eat in a pinch.

Next up on his plan for survival? Training to run a half-marathon with this pack on his back — which sounds pretty darn impressive to us!

Will you make your very own “Get Home” pack after seeing how much you can fit in one small backpack?

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