Baby Elephant Was Born Prematurely And Underweight. Now, She Splashes In Her Bath For Playtime

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Zookeepers at the Pittsburgh Zoo were worried when a baby elephant was born a month early and 50 pounds underweight.

Because elephants are an endangered species, it is important that zookeepers do everything they can to keep all elephants happy and healthy. It is especially important to keep babies healthy, because as Whitney Huston tells us, children are the future.

So, when a baby elephant was born prematurely at the Pittsburgh Zoo, zookeepers went above and beyond to keep her healthy. According to FOX 29, the calf was 184 pounds when she was born. Typically, baby elephants weight at least 207 pounds.

Thankfully, a few months after her birth, the calf is doing much better.

The sweet baby elephant is still not out for the public to see, because her carers want to ensure she can handle that stress. For now, she’s enjoying playing with other elephants — and taking baths.

The video below is the first one the Pittsburgh Zoo has released of the sweet baby. She’s absolutely adorable, and looks to be having a great time. Elephants are my favorite animal, so it makes me so happy to see this baby doing so well!

According to FOX 29, the baby doesn’t have a name yet, though hopefully she will soon. I’m so excited to watch her grow up.

Check out the video below to see the baby elephant in action, and please SHARE this adorable video on Facebook!

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