Premature Baby Makes An Incredible Transformation Over 1 Year

by Caroline Bayard
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There is nothing more exciting than finding out you are having a baby, but every parent knows that it only gets more difficult every day after that.

While it may seem like there are more and more crazy women out there who had no idea they were even pregnant, the truth is that it’s becoming harder and harder for many women to conceive. Many couples have to turn to expensive, aggravating experiments like IVF or embryo adoption (check out one couple’s incredible story here) to create the family of their dreams. Then there are others, who have no problem getting pregnant only to find out that that was the easy part.

Mary Colleen Grier and her husband must have been overjoyed to find out they were expecting twin boys, but everything came crashing down when Mary gave birth early (at about 24 weeks gestation). Jack and Greyson Grier were born on September 24, 2014 — 16 weeks before their due date — because of complications from twin-twin transfusion syndrome, a rare and serious condition where identical twins share a placenta.

Greyson was stillborn, while his brother tiny brother Jack was forced to fight for his life for about 4 months in the intensive care unit. The following touching video highlights baby Jack’s first year. When you see this small boy grow, you’ll see what a miracle his life truly is.

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