Pregnant Woman’s Water Breaks At Work But Doctors Decide To Keep Baby Inside Her For 6 Weeks

by Amy Paige
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Maria Carbonell was at work when she bent down to pick something up from the floor — and suddenly felt water run down her leg.

It happened that night, too.

At the time, Maria was pregnant with her first child. The next morning, she woke up with a puddle on her bed and went straight to the hospital. She was quickly transferred to the Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital at Broward Health Medical Center in Florida.

There, the expecting woman learned her water had officially broken at 28 weeks — 12 weeks before her daughter would be full term.

Maria’s doctors decided it was best to do whatever they could to keep her baby in the womb for as long as possible.

She and her husband, Eric, moved into the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy and made it as comfortable as they could.

Doctors treated Maria with a very special combination of medications. This concoction is designed to prolong the time between the breaking of the amniotic sac and delivery, allowing the baby to continue to grow bigger and stronger inside the womb. This usually buys women about three to four more weeks.

But what makes Maria’s case so unique is how long she was able to delay the birth…

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