Pregnant Wife Is Bitten On Bare Foot At 36 Weeks And Doctor Learns It’s A Deadly Snake

by Amy Paige
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In September 2013, a young pregnant woman named Angie was outside on her deck in Little Rock, Arkansas when she took a step near a flower pot.

Immediately, she felt a sharp pain on her pinkie toe. When Angie looked down at her bare foot, she realized the terrifying truth: she’d been bitten by a snake.

Angie ran inside the house and screamed for her husband Colby. The couple rushed to the hospital as her foot began swelling in the car, causing extreme pain. As the clock ticked by on the way to the hospital, Angie and Colby realized neither of them had any idea of what to do. “I really didn’t care about my leg,” Angie said.

“I just was worried about my baby.” Angie called the doctors, who advised her to leave her leg down (not elevated) so the venom didn’t travel up to the heart.

When they got to the hospital, the doctors said they had never seen a pregnant woman bit by a snake before, and even they weren’t exactly sure what to do! One dosage of anti-venom, which Angie desperately needed, could be too much for the baby’s heart to handle.

That’s when Angie was faced with a potentially life-threatening decision. She could either take the anti-venom and risk harming the baby or deliver the baby four weeks early via emergency C-section and take the anti-venom afterwards.

The following video concludes without resolution, but in the end, baby Corbin was delivered by Caesarian section. Angie put her baby’s life before her own, as only after delivery was she given anti-venom.

After spending several days on a ventilator, Corbin was healthy enough to go home, and the family recovered.

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