Pregnant Woman Dances Up A Storm With Husband And Nurses Moments Before Going Into Labor

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Mom Alicia Exantus took the maternity ward by surprise when she broke out into an energetic dance on her way into the delivery room.

The heavily pregnant mama-to-be was joined by her husband — and then by the hospital staff, too. Their song of choice? “The Baby Momma Dance,” of course.

“One month, two month, three month, four,” the song’s lyrics go. “Hit the baby momma when I’m stepping through the door.”

Judging by Alicia’s moves, you’d never guess that she was about to go into labor. She looks fly and energetic and ready for the club. Except, of course, for the fact that she’s literally dancing in a hospital hallway, wearing a hospital gown, surrounded by nurses in the background.

Get it, mama!

Lots of moms have tried to speed up labor by dancing, so on a practical level, it makes sense to bust a move before heading to the delivery room to start pushing. But Alicia decided to dance out of excitement and a desire for fun, she says.

“I would definitely say it set the tone for my labor,” the Palmetto, Florida, mom told Inside Edition. “We were so excited. We love to dance. We always love to have fun.”

After the carefree dance, Alicia went through 30 hours of labor at Manatee Memorial Hospital. Amazingly enough, she gave birth in the same hospital room where she was born; her doctor was the daughter of the doctor who’d delivered her.

Alicia gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Tatum.

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