Wife Pretends Not To Know Why Her Baby Bump Is So Big While Hiding The Truth That It’s Twins

by Amy Paige
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Ruth and Ben Shrauner spent two years desperately trying to have a baby. Month after month, they faced disappointment and heartache — but they refused to give up.

The couple from Kansas struggled through infertility with four failed intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments. They then turned to in vitro fertilization using two eggs, uncertain if even one would be viable.

Finally, at around “the 24th month of us taking a pregnancy test waiting for it to be positive,” Ruth and Ben learned they were pregnant. In fact, they were in such a state of disbelief that they took multiple pregnancy tests just to be sure.

And not only did one of the eggs take, but they both did. Ruth and Ben were shocked to discover they were pregnant with twins.

Here’s where their story took yet another unexpected twist.

Ruth and Ben decided to inform their loved ones about only one of the babies, saving the other as a very special surprise.

They became experts at hiding the evidence to evade any suspicion. For example, they told their loves ones they needed baby supplies for only one child, while sneaking in supplies for the other. They kept the nursery locked as often as possible. And Ruth went so far as to post updates and photos of her baby bump on Facebook, pretending not to know why it was growing so much …

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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