Pregnant Teen Suffers Early Stages Of Miscarriage 9 Times Before Giving Birth To That Same Baby

by Amy Paige
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At age 19, Lucy Richards began bleeding uncontrollably during a work meeting. She was terrified as emergency crews rushed her to the hospital.

Lucy was completely shocked to discover she was pregnant — despite the fact she had been on several types of birth control.

Doctors shocked her even further when they said she was five weeks pregnant and suffering a miscarriage. Fortunately, they were able to stop the bleeding and save her unborn baby girl. Lucy quickly embraced the idea of motherhood and became fiercely protective of the unexpected baby growing inside her.

Over the next 14 weeks, Lucy suffered the early stages of a miscarriage another eight times.

But her unborn daughter proved to be a fighter each and every time.

Lucy was diagnosed with placenta previa at 36 weeks pregnant, a condition in which the placenta grows into the lower womb, causing heavy bleeding. She went into labor three weeks early and underwent an emergency Cesarean section.

The labor itself put both Lucy and the baby at risk. Lucy lost six pints of blood and lost consciousness several times as doctors fought to deliver her daughter, Demi. All the while, her motherly instincts told her to keep fighting.

Incredibly, Lucy survived labor — but if doctors didn’t remove her womb, she would die. She’s now unable to conceive again.

“The day I gave birth was the worst day of my life, but the day I finally held my daughter was the best,” she said.

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