Mom Posts Photos 6 Months Pregnant, But Strangers Notice How Flat Her Bump Is

by Emerald Pellot
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When Massy Arias posted photos of her baby bump at six months pregnant, no one could believe it. Then they started to make comments about Massy’s pregnant belly — they believed it was too flat.

The fitness star has long kept a strict, healthy regimen, yet others still accused of her vanity. They suggested the mother was hurting her baby because she didn’t want to lose her fit body.

“I’m actually putting my baby first. People think, ‘Oh she doesn’t want to lose her body.’ Actually, no. I’m watching what I eat because whatever I eat, my baby eats,” Massy told The Doctors.

Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Andrew Ordon agreed with Massy. They believed that Massy was putting her health first and should be applauded.

“How can somebody say something negative about being in such great shape, and monitoring your weight and staying active while you’re pregnant?” Dr. Ordon asked.

However, after Massy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, the negative comments subsided.

“I think that everyone just realizes now that you have a beautiful family,” Dr. Stork said.

However, the doctors do add that, while being fit throughout your pregnancy can be healthy, they suggest always speaking with your ob–gyn first to make sure the activities are as safe as possible.

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