Pregnant Pup Saved Hours Before Being Euthanized Delivers Five Healthy Puppies

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

When we think about all the poor, hungry, and abandoned animals wandering the streets, we wonder why we can’t help all of them.

The truth is, many facilities that take care of animals that were left to fend for themselves need funds. It’s the lack of funds that unfortunately make vets euthanize these animals.

A homeless dog named Polly was one of the unlucky pups to be scheduled for euthanasia, due to overcrowding in her shelter. But in a twist of fate, the vets at Texas’ Vet Ranch saved her in the nick of time. She arrived at the nonprofit, and underwent some tests. An X-ray confirmed that Polly was pregnant!

It turns out that instead of saving just one life, they were able to save six.

When everyone left Vet Ranch that night, they had no idea they would arrive to see a pleasant surprise the next morning: Polly safely delivered five healthy puppies! Two weeks after the birth, Mom and her litter were all doing just fine, and living in a foster home. Just a few weeks after that, all of the puppies were ready for their forever homes.

This mama pup’s story of survival is absolutely incredible. She’s quite the fighter!

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