Pregnant Pig Headed To Slaughterhouse Saves Herself And Her Babies By Jumping Off Truck

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

If she could speak, Rita the pig would tell you her incredible story of survival.

With nine happy piglets and an animal sanctuary to call home, you could say that this is the least she deserves after what she had to go through.

As she was being taken to the slaughterhouse on a truck, a then-pregnant Rita broke out of her cage and managed to escape her grim fate. How she miraculously escaped isn’t known, but the organization now taking care of Rita and her family, Animal Place, tells The Dodo that pigs know when they’re going to be slaughtered  a sure reason why Rita would have jumped off a moving vehicle driving down the highway.

She landed safely and had 14 piglets on the side of the road, where a passerby saw her and reported her location to animal control. Unfortunately, by the time Animal Place came to rescue the pig and her babies, five of them had already died due to stress.

Now at the organization’s sanctuary, Rita and the remaining nine piglets are thriving on 600 acres of land. The babies are growing every day, and Rita is slowly learning to trust her caretakers. Now, the organization needs donations to help the family of 10 and the other many animals it has already saved!

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