Pregnant Mom Walks Into Gymboree, Then Hands Cashier Her Sonogram And Asks For Help

by Nicoletta Richardson

These days, it seems like there are a million ways to do a gender reveal, whether it’s just for the parents or for the entire family.

Some couples decide to go a more traditional route and keep it intimate, while others go all out with a huge family gathering to celebrate the baby.

In 2015, the Brazil family headed out the door of their home to an ultrasound appointment. It wasn’t just any normal meeting, but one that would end in a sonogram being handed over, revealing the gender of their baby.

But when the anxious parents-to-be finally got the sonogram from the gynecologist, they decided to hold off on reading it.

Instead, they headed straight to a Gymboree retail store at the mall and walked right to the cashier counter. It was there that they handed over their sonogram, leaving the gender of their baby in the hands of a complete stranger.

But there was some reasoning behind this crazy idea. With the cashier knowing the gender, the Brazil family bopped around the store to find one boy outfit and one girl outfit.

They gave both clothing combinations over to the employee, and then asked to box the outfit of the gender on the sonogram — without them having a clue.

So when the excited couple got home with their wrapped box, the parents-to-be sat down at the kitchen table and nervously opened it together. But you’ll have to watch the video below to find out the answer!

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Thumbnail Sources: Flickr / Daniel Lobo, Wikipedia Commons

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