Pregnant Mom Spent 7 Hours Hitting Giant Potholes To Induce Labor, Has Baby To Prove It Worked

by Amy Paige
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Pregnant women will try all sorts of different techniques in the effort to spur labor. From eating spicy foods to an increase in sexual activity, most tactics are hotly debated as to whether or not they actually work.

But there’s one very “bumpy” strategy that many experts say is a surefire way to kick off contractions, at the very least.

Stephanie Flittner’s first child was born a week late. When she and her husband got pregnant a second time, they wanted to avoid the extra anxiousness and discomfort as much as possible.

The couple from Indianapolis noticed Stephanie experienced more contractions whenever Andrew drove over one of the countless potholes scattered throughout their town.

“The bigger the pothole, it seemed like the bigger the contractions I was having,” she told WXIN Indianapolis. “I didn’t know if they were doing anything.”.

The couple turned to their Facebook community for pothole advice and ended up with a “74-mile destruction course” complete with specific routes leading to clusters of potholes and nearby pediatricians, just in case the route worked a little too well.

Then, Stephanie and Andrew took their off-road Jeep Cherokee all across town, spending upwards of seven hours hitting the biggest and deepest potholes they could find.

In the video below, see why the Flittner family says their bold tactic worked just as they planned.

Footage provided by WXIN Indianapolis

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