Pregnant Mom’s Stomachache Makes Doctors Perform C-Section And Heart Surgery At The Same Time

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

In February, Danielle Gaither nearly died.

She was pregnant with a little boy when she suddenly collapsed on the ground, both her chest and her stomach in pain. She couldn’t pick herself up off the floor, and paramedics had to carry her out.

Danielle has a high-risk medical condition, a disorder called Marfan syndrome. When doctors assessed her, they knew they had to make some difficult decisions. There was only one choice: they had to perform both heart surgery and a C-section at the same time.

This left the mother a 1% chance of survival.

Danielle’s baby boy was born healthy, but she had to wait 111 days to see him, because of her own health.

When she finally saw him, it was a moment she knew she was blessed and lucky to experience the moment. She says that she was so happy, she cried!

She was able to return home to her four children. She still has a long recovery: she has trouble walking and is slowly making progress. Now, she’s up to over 100 steps a day and is still making strides toward being in better health!

She tells Fox 35, “I’m going to share my story and go to my church and share my testimony. Life is great. Life is good. Don’t take your life for granted.”

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