Young Mom Makes Acrobatic Yoga A Family Affair!

by Angel Chang
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Lizzy Tomber first began practicing acroyoga when she was 25 years old.

Combining elements of acrobatics, yoga, dance, therapy movement, strengthening, toning, and stretching, the discipline has amazing effects on the mind and body.

Tomber and her husband, Josh Young, have traveled the world for many years teaching acroyoga, demonstrating a genuine love for the amazing physical and mental practice.

When Tomber first became pregnant, she consulted her doctor to see if it was safe for her to continue doing the exercises.

With her doctor’s blessing, Tomber practiced acroyoga every day — and only stopped a mere four days before giving birth to her son, David.

Just like this mom who never stopped focusing on her fitness and artistry when she was expecting, Tomber continued to follow her true passion, and she hopes to one day inspire her son with it!

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Pregnant mom yoga

Lizzy Tomber and her husband, Josh Young, tour the world to teach classes in acroyoga.

Acroyoga — a combination of yoga and acrobatics — is a practice that marries dance, movement therapy, gymnastics, and yoga.

Pregnant mom yoga

Experts have praised the practice for its many physical and mental benefits, and strength- and concentration-building aspects.

Tomber began practicing acroyoga when she was 25, even giving up her full-time job at the time to teach the discipline.

Pregnant mom yoga

The Washington, D.C.-based couple have been practicing acroyoga since the beginning of Tomber’s pregnancy.

“My doctor was really awesome and said, ‘If you’re comfortable and this is what you do on a daily basis, you shouldn’t stop doing it,’” Tomber told ABC News.

In fact, Tomber practiced acroyoga up until four days before her son David’s birth!

Pregnant mom yoga

The yoga and acrobatics enthusiast really started gaining followers after she posted pictures of herself on social media.

In these pictures, her husband lifts her into highly difficult poses, allowing her to demonstrate her strength, stability, and mind-blowing athleticism.

Pregnant mom yoga

The couple’s sensational presence on social media has inspired thousands to go out and learn about acroyoga.

Even Tomber’s doctor recommended that she share her routines with other expectant mothers and regular patients, who may be less motivated to go to the gym.

Pregnant mom yoga

The new parents are now including their 2-month-old baby in their stunning exercises.

“He’s been doing acrobatics since before he was born,” Tomber said to ABC News.

Pregnant mom yoga

She definitely hopes that baby David will grow up to be as fond of the discipline as she and her husband are.

“He’s just holding up his own neck, and we’re not rushing it, but hopefully he grows to love doing acrobatics!”

Pregnant mom yoga

Click here to check out Tomber’s website, where she documents all her experiences with acroyoga, and here to visit Acropedia, a networking platform that Tomber and her husband have set up for acroyoga enthusiasts.

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