Family Hurries To Meet Couple’s Newborn Only To Look Inside Car And See Another Baby

by Amy Paige
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Emily and Elishah Schroeder of Antigo, Wisconsin, struggled with infertility for two years. Emily describes IVF as “the hardest and most rewarding fertility treatment” she and her husband went through, and she praised her medical team for handling her journey with so much care and compassion.

Shortly after their 10-year wedding anniversary, Emily and Elishah received the news they’d been hoping for: Emily was finally pregnant.

However, Emily’s baby bump was particularly large — because she wasn’t just pregnant with one baby. It was twins, but the elated couple wanted to keep that part a secret from everyone they knew. Quite the difficult feat, if you ask me.

They had to come up with some fibs along the way, of course. For example, they told their family and friends that Emily retained a large amount of fluid as a result of the IVF, hence her abnormally large bump.

Meanwhile, they tried to keep the pregnancy talk as vague and general as possible. Emily and Elishah continued posting videos and photos on their social media pages documenting the pregnancy, and, you know, left out that whole “twins” part.

On June 7, 2018, Emily and Elishah welcomed twin boys Everett and Evan. Then it came time for the big reveal.

Check out the hilarious and heartwarming reactions to the shocking baby bombshell.

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