Pregnant Wife Poses For Photo, But Doctor Realizes Baby Is Changing Shape In Horrifying Way

by Barbara Diamond
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Chelsea and Curtis Lush were thrilled to learn they were pregnant with their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Zoe.

The couple from Huntington, California, went in for their five-month ultrasound hoping everything looked normal.

At 19-weeks gestation, a 4-D ultrasound showed that there was something wrong with Zoe. “When the perinatologist gently pressed the wand down firmly on Chelsea’s belly, Zoe’s soft skull molded from a circle to an oval shape under the pressure of the wand,” Curtis wrote online. “A closer look revealed further damage. Zoe’s femur was in two separate pieces and many of Zoe’s ribs were in multiple stages of fracture.

Zoe’s bones were already breaking in the womb.

The concerned doctor looked up at Chelsea and said, “Mrs. Lush, there’s something very wrong with your child.”

Chelsea and Curtis were devastated to learn that their daughter had type III osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare form of dwarfism also known as brittle bone disorder. Zoe’s bones are so fragile that they can “break in the wind.” Because of how delicate they are, doctors have likened them to glass. “Many children born with type III fracture their ribs simply from taking a deep breath,” Zoe’s GoFundMe page states. “Some infants will pass away from respiratory failure, especially early in life. If a child with type III does survive those first formidable months, they will never grow much past 3-feet tall, and will likely spend most of their lives in a wheelchair.”

Zoe broke several bones in the womb and shattered her collarbone during birth. As she grew older, her bones broke so frequently that Chelsea had to splint her body herself, since doctors were unfamiliar with the condition. Oftentimes, doctors handle OI children like regular kids, unintentionally causing even more breaks.

Today, Zoe is 6 years old. Wait until you see the progress she has made, despite all the odds stacked against her.

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