Mom Took A Photo Every Day During Her Pregnancy And The Result Is SO COOL!!

by Scott Neumyer
Scott Neumyer is a journalist, photographer, and bacon lover from central New Jersey.

We’ve all seen plenty of pregnancy time-lapse videos before where Mom takes a photo every day of her pregnancy and puts them all together into a cool stop-motion video, but this might just be one of the coolest we’ve ever seen!

This ingenious mother didn’t just take a regular old photo every day for the nine months of her pregnancy to show her belly growing, but she went a step further by making it fun and playful. We get a profile view of Mom holding a red balloon as she appears to suck the air from it and into her expanding baby belly. Once the balloon is fully deflated, she spins around and reveals the beautiful, little bundle of joy that arrived at the end of her pregnancy.

Althea told HuffPost about hatching the clever idea for this stop-motion masterpiece with her husband. “We liked the idea of the balloon because it was simple and had a childlike charm,” she said.

The video is a great example of a truly charming idea pulled off with some savvy execution, and a sweet tribute to a beautiful new baby.

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