Couple Creates Adorable Timelapse Of Pregnancy Belly

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Back in 2012, Osher and Tomor received the news they’d be waiting for — they were pregnant with a baby girl. But the happy couple wasn’t about to let the nine months of the pregnancy go by without coming up with a brilliant way to commemorate Osher’s growing belly.

In fact, Tomor had something very special in mind.

Using stop motion technology, Tomor took over 1,000 photos of Osher as her belly grew over the course of her pregnancy. Not only that, but he also added brilliant little touches to the editing process, like a dream-like, Nutella-filled montage (you’ll see what I mean). Each frame was separately taken, edited and uploaded! It required nine months of a growing belly and one month of video editing. Tomor acted as photographer, Photoshop editor, director, script writer and proud dad.

Now that’s dedication 🙂

In the end, baby Emma makes her YouTube debut. The video went massively viral with over eight million views. It’s no surprise — we’ve seen stop-motion time lapse videos before, but none as creative, heartwarming and unique as this. Amazing job, you guys!

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