Mom Says To Read Secret Message, But Grandma Doesn’t Realize It’s About A Baby

by Emerald Pellot
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Ashley Embry wanted to give her mom, Wendy Hertzog, a special message. So the 34-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee, decided to use the card game Mad Gab to deliver the news.

In Mad Gab, players are given a string of words that don’t make any sense together but, once spoken aloud, the phonetic sounds suggest the intended meaning. The only way to decipher the message is by actually saying the incoherent phrase.

Wendy happily played along, as her daughter and company filmed.

“Eye mag own abbey aground mow there,” the Mad Gab said.

Wendy struggled to read it aloud, until finally she said, “I’m gonna be a grandmother.” Still, Wendy didn’t get it!

She moved right on to the next card.

The next phrase was, “Hash lean may sonar pragnue nut.” Wendy quickly got that one: “Ashley and Mason are pregnant,” Wendy said, but, even still, she still didn’t get it.

Ashley went back to the previous card and suddenly Wendy was able to put it all together. She screamed. She jumped. She gasped. She howled.

It was exactly the kind of reaction the couple was hoping for, and it was definitely earned.

“Oh my God,” she screamed and howled, before telling the family puppy, “You’re going to be a big brother.”

Ashley revealed that she made the Mad Gab card herself, just for the occasion. How creative!

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