Baby Abandoned On Steps At 2 Weeks Old Finally Finds Blood Cousin And Learns She Was Adopted Too

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Precious Bradley was 9 years old when she learned that she’d been adopted. The parents she had grown up with sat her down to tell her the heartbreaking truth: She’d been abandoned on a doorstep at just 2 weeks old.

Almost nothing is known about Precious’ birth parents. According to WFMY, she was left inside a box, laid on the step of what was once a day care and is now a church. She was perfectly healthy, and had no drugs in her system. Her parents were never found, and retired 1st Sgt. Ron Bradley and his wife Shelia adopted Precious shortly after her abandonment.

Although Precious told WFMY, “I love my [adoptive] parents more than anything,” she remains curious about her birth parents. She has spent about two decades searching for them.

Precious often drives by the doorstep where she was abandoned. Recently, she went back to that spot for a touching reunion.

Although Precious has been unable to locate her birth parents, she did manage to find someone else related to her by blood. Using DNA testing, Precious found Tonya Cutler, her second cousin.

At first, Precious thought that Tonya would be able to help her get some answers — but she would soon learn that the only blood relative she knows was also partially adopted. Once again, Precious hit a dead end. A forensic artist reached out to Precious to draw a picture of what her parents might have looked like when they left her on that doorstep, but she still hasn’t found them.

Precious has accepted the fact that her birth parents could have passed away, or that they just might not want to be found. But still, she told WFMY: “There’s no hard feelings. There’s no resentment. I’m looking because I just need to know.”

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Footage and photos provided by WFMY Greensboro

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