After A Day Of Terror In Brussels, A Message Of Peace And Hope

by Paul Morris
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While the news reports coming out of Brussels from this morning’s attacks are changing and updating with each passing second, the undeniable fact of the matter is that our world is in a place that absolutely needs to find peace.

While not much is known about what exactly happened in Belgium’s capital city, it’s obvious that many families will be broken forever, and countless citizens of this beautiful country will never be the same.

As happened when Paris was attacked last year, and after our own country faced similar attacks on more than one occasion, the world is now banding together to prove that violence will not win. Those who think that attacking us will actually break our spirits are in for a big surprise. As long as we keep our hearts full and our heads absolutely clear, this attack will only weaken those who dared set it against us.

Our hearts ache for our European brothers and sisters who died in these shameful attacks. Brussels, we love you, don’t give up.

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So even after dreadful attacks against their people, they joined together to let the world know how strong they really are, writing messages of peace and solidarity on the ground at Place de la Bourse.

As the world joins together, this is yet another reminder of the importance of peace, and how we are stronger when we stand united. Please SHARE this story if you promise to keep the families in your thoughts and prayers tonight!