Hidden Camera Captures Moment Server Realizes Students ‘Pranked’ His Tip

by Emerald Pellot
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The seniors at Combs High School in Arizona are known for pranks that often get them into trouble. In fact, the senior class of 2014 was banned from attending graduation for participating in a food-fight prank.

However, the next senior class decided to atone for the sins of the previous. Instead of a hurtful prank, they decided to “prank it forward.”

A group of seniors heard about a local man who worked at the Olive Garden. He needed serious help with his medical bills.

The teenagers went to grab a meal at the restaurant, and had someone secretly filming. When they left the tip, the server was in awe. It was for $510. He tried to give it back, but they revealed it was a prank just to help him out.

“To be able to do that was really awesome, and really exciting to be able to do it together,” said student Hailey Wilt. “It was amazing to see the look on his face when he was so filled with joy, and he wanted to cry, but didn’t want to cry because he’s a guy.”

People in the restaurant realized what was happening and applauded the students. They hope that this new tradition of kindness replaces the old traditional pranks.

“More people get a benefit out of this than we would out of pranking our school,” said fellow senior Karla Alfar.

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