Teacher Posts Letter To Teach 6th Graders A Lesson About Sharing Nude Photos Online

by Emerald Pellot
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Melissa Bour is a sixth-grade science and math teacher in Tulsa, OK. She noticed a pretty awful trend among her young female students.

The 12-year-old girls were posting photos of themselves topless online.

“I noticed more and more pictures were showing up that were inappropriate,” Bour told TODAY. “So I used a teachable moment. I got out a piece of computer paper and a green pen, and I wrote a little note.”

Instead of reprimanding them, Bour decided to show rather than tell. She wrote a note, posted it on Facebook, and asked anyone who saw it to share it.

“My 12-year-old students think it is ‘no big deal’ that they are posting pictures of themselves in bras or with their middle finger in the air.

Please help me out by sharing this image and commenting with where you live to show these young students how quickly their images can get around,” the letter said.

Within hours, the letter had reached all 50 states, dozens of countries as far as Australia and Saudi Arabia. Bour’s message was clear: photos travel online quick, so quick it won’t matter after you take them down.

Her students got the lesson loud and clear.

“I’m not going to put any more photos on my Facebook, and I’m not going to comment on anything that I like or dislike,” student Peyton Piguet told TODAY.

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