This Giant Potato Is Actually An Airbnb In Idaho, And You Can Stay In It For $200 Per Night

by Angela Andaloro

Airbnb offers guests a lot of opportunities to stay in places they could never have imagined before.

Whether you’re spending a night in a cozy glass igloo in Iceland or staying in a bungalow on a beach, there are a lot of interesting opportunities. Now Airbnb has one of the most interesting opportunities right here in the States. It is actually in a rather unexpected locale, too! On a piece of Idaho farmland south of downtown Boise, you can stay in what has been affectionately dubbed the Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

Now to answer your first burning question, the hotel isn’t made out of an actual potato.

We’re pretty thankful considering what that would smell like after some time. The 28-foot-long, 6-ton potato is made out of steel, plaster, and concrete. The big potato was created as part of the Idaho Potato Commission’s 75th anniversary.

Potatoes are arguably the ultimate comfort food. They’re there for you in all their warm and delicious glory, no matter what form you prefer them in.


If you’re a stateside potato lover, you know there’s no better place to go than Idaho. Idaho’s golden spuds are legendary.

The Idaho Potato Commission had a giant potato made to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2012. According to the Detroit Free Press, the potato was initially supposed to travel the country for a year to celebrate the milestone.

The potato became so popular that it zigzagged the continental United States for seven years! That’s no small feat for a big potato that is 28 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 11½ feet tall.

Last year, the Idaho Potato Commission started working on the next version of the giant traveling potato. The first version was retired in late 2017.

The commission thought to find the potato a home at the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot. Kristie Wolfe, a Big Idaho Potato spokesperson, had a different idea.

Kristie had experience building tiny houses, so she pitched the idea of making the original big potato into an inhabitable space.

Kristie got to work on figuring out the logistics of making the potato into a place to stay. Located in a field just south of downtown Boise, the potato hotel offers a bit of the Idaho experience to visitors.

Once the potato’s bedroom interior was all set, Kristie and her team built a silo nearby. The silo is described as “a spa retreat perfect for soaking while looking up at the stars.”

The one-room hotel opens in late May. From the looks of it, Kristie and her team did an amazing job at making the cozy space perfect for a getaway.

The bed was custom-made to fit the unique shape inside the potato. It’s definitely unlike anywhere you’ve ever stayed before.

This sweet sitting area is a nice place to enjoy a warm drink. It may even inspire you to share some spuds.

To really tie it all together for an authentic experience, there’s another adorable perk to this place. The Big Idaho Potato Hotel comes with a fuzzy jersey cow to be your pet during your stay!

A stay at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel starts at $200 per night. Summer dates are filling up fast, so don’t miss out!