Wife Gets A Chip Stuck In Her Throat, Then Husband Sees Her Tonsils Are Oddly Shaped

by Emerald Pellot
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Kristine Moore loves her favorite Ruffles potato chips. In fact, she’s been eating the chips everyday for the past 20 years. Never did she imagine they would be the food that saved her life.

One day she was eating the chips , when a particularly sharp piece poked her in the throat. She asked her husband to take a look with a flashlight.

“I took a bite of a chip, and I must not have chewed it up enough and it poked me in my tonsil,” she said.

As Kristine gazed at her husband’s face, she knew by his expression that something was wrong. Her tonsils looked odd. As the sharp pain continued, Kristine went to the doctor.

An oncologist did a scan a discovered she had a tumor in her tonsil due to cancer. If the potato chip hadn’t got stuck in her throat, she may never have known.

“The potato chip injury did help her discover the cancer early. It probably would have been another year before she noticed anything,” oncologist Dr. William Wisbeck said.

Kristine will undergo chemotherapy and radiation but is expected to fully recover.

“By taking a bite of one particular potato chip, on one particular day, at a particular time, saved her life,” her husband Bob said.

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