New Mom Speaks Out Against A Stranger Who Shamed Her Postpartum Baby Bump

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Giovanna Fletcher and her young, happy family always have a great time together. You may recognize Tom Fletcher, Giovanna’s husband, and their first son, Buzz, from their unbelievably adorable videos.

However, more recently, people all over the web have been buzzing about this couple for a completely different reason.

You see, the Fletchers recently welcomed their second son, Buddy, into the world. This, of course, is an extremely happy time for the family, and they’re both overjoyed that Giovanna brought a healthy baby boy into this world without any complications. What else could a new family ask for?

When Giovanna was walking around just 11 days after an entire human came out of her body – no small feat, mind you – a stranger takes it upon herself to comment on the state of the new mama’s postpartum belly.

Fletcher’s reaction in the moment was a result of pure shock. She laughed a bit, but once she was able to process the stranger’s words, she posted this photo on social media with the following caption.

“A few days ago I had a near stranger point at my stomach, laugh and say ‘Oh look, Mummy’s still got her tummy.’ This was eleven days after giving birth. I was so shocked I laughed. But the words have stuck with me. Obviously. It wasn’t left there either as there was another comment about my face ‘slimming down.’ More than anything, I was baffled over the stranger’s need to share her thoughts… Yes, I still have a bump. But that bump kept my little baby boy safe for a whole nine months. That bump has filled my world with even more love and light than I knew possible. That bump is a miracle worker… My bump will slowly go over time, but I’ll never stop being thankful to it and my body for everything it’s given me. #spreadlove”

No, Giovanna doesn’t normally have a belly, but that shouldn’t be a talking point for an infinite amount of reasons. To name a few: she’s a strong woman capable of bringing life into this world, all thanks to her amazing body; a flat stomach has nothing to do with being a good mama, a good human, or a loving wife; and she’s grateful for that bump that housed her new son for nine months. So, it really should not matter to anyone else.

While she doesn’t let the stranger’s comment interfere with her overall mood, she still wanted to send out her message to those who might think it’s all right to critique other’s bodies, and to make people aware of how she felt. I’m sure that many other new moms have gone through similar experiences.

All that truly matters is that these little feet are safe and sound, and that his mom, dad, and older brother are going to fill his life with so much joy. If you’ve ever faced a snide comment like this mom did, know that your body is amazing no matter what other people think about it!

Below, watch Tom and his firstborn, Buzz, have just about the best time ever with something as simple as a dandelion. Buzz’s little brother is going to have so many moments like this with his family, too!

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