Mom Pregnant With Twins Hits Back After Internet Bullies Call Her Baby Belly ‘Nasty’

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Women everywhere know what it’s like to be made fun of for their bodies. No matter how you look, bullies are always able to find something wrong with your appearance.

We’re always too skinny or too fat or too muscular. No matter what you do to your body, it’s impossible to win.

Although it’s always reprehensible when people say rude things about women’s bodies, it’s even worse when they say horrible things about pregnant women. Carrying a child is hard enough without people making disparaging comments about a mother’s changing figure.

Porsche Thomas knows exactly how it feels to be bullied online. The actress, writer, and model was pregnant with twins in December when she decided to spend some time by the pool.

While there, she shared a photo of herself in a bikini, but people immediately started making inappropriate comments, telling Porsche her belly was “nasty” and making cruel remarks about the color of her skin.

Luckily, Porsche knew exactly how to respond to the “nasty” comments.

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porsche pool

On December 29, 2016, Porsche Thomas shared the above photo of herself lounging at the pool.

She wrote, “Getting down to the wire. Only about two weeks left for me and these boys before they make their debut. Crazy excited and totally nervous. What a way to start 2017.”

porsche bw

At 35 weeks pregnant with twins, most people would agree that Porsche looks amazing and deserves nothing but kudos for growing two whole people.

porsche face

Some internet trolls, though, started making rude comments about Porsche’s body.

porsche bump

One person called her “nasty,” and another asked why her belly was “so black.”

Porsche wasn’t shocked at these attacks on her body and her race, but she knew she needed to respond.

porsche belly

A few days later, Porsche shared this photo, writing:

While some of y’all been in my comments criticizing the blackness that is my belly and me during what shoulda been your holiday cheer, I been over here enjoying life, growing tiny humans, performing miracles and hopefully getting even blacker.

porsche hot cocoa

Once Porsche responded to the bullies, people immediately came to her defense, expressing how much they liked her statement and how incredible they thought she was.

porsche green

One person wrote, “You are so gorgeous and your pregnant belly is radiating with beauty! Shine on!!”

porsche twins

Another person commented, “I saw this pic going around with lots of negative comments and had to come find it and tell you how beautiful you are… congratulations on your handsome boys too.”

timmy time

On January 7, 2017, Porsche welcomed her sons, August and Berlin, and has been loving mom-life since then.

porsche boys

The boys are adorable — and it’s obvious where they got their good looks!

twin boys

A woman commented, “Your boys are so beautiful. I can tell what a great mom you will be!”

porsche sons

What do you think of the way Porsche responded to bullies who made fun of her pregnancy?

porsche bikini

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