Man Nearly Goes Blind After Tapeworm From Undercooked Pork Swims Into His Eye

by Emerald Pellot
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A man from Tampa, Florida, nearly went blind after a brain-eating parasitic tapeworm was discovered swimming around his eye.

Sam Cordero apparently ate undercooked pork around the holidays. Soon after, he noticed that his vision was slowly being obscured.

“I believe and suspect it came from undercooked pork we ordered around the Christmas holidays, and that’s how I believe I got it,” Sam told ABC Action News. “I see a little black dot and it’s only on the left eye. I see something moving from left to right. When the sun comes out, it bothers me a lot.”

According to doctors, a pork tapeworm was able to travel through his intestines, into his bloodstream, and into his eyeball.

“He’s got a window of opportunity where he can end up with 20/20 vision and parasite free,” Dr. Don Perez of the Perez Eye Center said.

Dr. Perez said that if the tapeworm died in his eye, it could cause Sam to go blind. But if it successfully laid eggs, those babies would basically eat his brain.

This is the second pork parasite Dr. Perez has removed from a patient’s eye. Although they are very uncommon, many cases of acquired epilepsy are due to the tapeworm.

“I know I am in good hands and he treated it before,” Sam said.

Dr. Perez successfully removed the terrifying tapeworm and Sam was able to retain his vision.

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Footage and photo provided by WFTS Tampa

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