California Dad Catches A Stranger Stealing Twin Toddlers’ Birthday Package From His Home

by Amy P
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After Andres Perez returned home from an outing with his family, his sister-in-law called with a simple request.

“My package got to your house,” she told him. “Can you make sure it’s there?”

Andres realized his sister-in-law had sent birthday gifts for his twin nephews, who were about to celebrate their second birthdays.

The delivery tracking said the package was delivered to Andres’ home in Chula Vista, California — but it was nowhere to be found.

Andres figured there was some kind of mistake and the delivery was just running late … until he checked the footage on his security cameras.

Within seconds, Andres was left speechless by what the security footage revealed, especially when we’re in the midst of a pandemic and families are struggling.

Now Andres is sharing his story in the hopes someone will recognize the thief and help the police identify him.

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