Thief Steals Cop’s Puppy While He’s Having Brain Surgery So Strangers Rally To Reunite Them

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Briston Bruce, a police officer from South Dakota, was battling brain cancer when his beloved puppy was stolen. Hours away, complete strangers rallied to his cause.

“They told me a puppy was stolen, but here’s the deal, it was one of our officers, and it happened while he was having surgery to remove a brain tumor,” said Detective Carter Staaf, a detective from Minneapolis.

While undergoing brain surgery, Officer Briston’s home had been broken into. Along with some electronics, his puppy, Poppy, was also stolen.

“When you find out it’s another officer — and the condition he was in — the motivation kind of becomes obvious,” Detective Carter said.

The detective had received the call about Poppy from Officer Briston’s department while he was recovering from surgery. Detective Carter was able to apprehend a suspect who told them that the dog had been left somewhere in Minneapolis.

And indeed she was, as a neighbor of Terry White — a resident of Minneapolis — nearly ran her over one night!

Terry had no idea Poppy was actually a missing dog, but he took her in nonetheless.

He posted her picture online on various lost pet boards and, within a week, Detective Carter saw the post and got Poppy back!

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