This Ice Cream That Looks And Tastes Like Real Popcorn Will Blow Your Mind

by Karen Ruffini
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When I heard about this next video, I’ll admit I was skeptical.

It LOOKS just like popcorn. It TASTES just like popcorn.

But it’s… ice cream?!

I’ve tried plenty of interesting ice cream dishes before. I’ve even tried an ice cream dish that was worth $1,000, but never in my life have I heard about ice cream that perfectly imitated another type of food.

But let me tell you, when I tried popcorn ice cream, I turned into a believer.

‘a razor, a shiny knife’ is an entertainment company that specializes in special events and outrageous cuisine, and popcorn ice cream is one of them.

The only thing cooler than the ice cream itself is how it’s made!

They fill a bowl with liquid nitrogen, and add a popcorn flavor ice cream mix (which is milk, cream and sugar), and wait until it solidifies.

Because it is THAT cold, it needs to be transferred to another bowl, just to take the chill away!

But when it’s finally ready to be scooped into a popcorn cup, you will FLIP. It looks exactly like popcorn, it’s almost too much to believe!

You have to watch the video and see the end result. You will be amazed at what these talented people can do!

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